Phat Happy Life

Welcome to My Phat, Happy Life!

Hi, I’m Paige! I’m just your typical wife and mother trying to find that ever elusive work life balance. My Phat Happy Life is a look behind the curtain of the of what happens when a hot mess 30 something mom of 3 runs not 1, but 2 businesses. If you are looking for Pinterest Perfect life advice this probably isn’t the place for you. However, if you want an honest sometimes hilarious place where you can maybe not feel so alone in the world of motherhood and entrepreneurship, and maybe learn a few useful things … Then oh boy do I have you covered. Welcome to my Phat Happy Life!

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Phat Happy Designs - Hand Crafted Graphics

Phat Happy Designs is my creative love child where I share my sweet hand crafted designs with the world. Check out my shop and find something pretty. You deserve it!


Phat Photog - Modern Photo & Editing Training

The Phat Photog is where I share my love of Photography and Editing. I love helping other badass ladies capture their lives in a beautiful way. From product photography to portraits I’ve got you covered.


Phat Happy Life - All Things Photography, Design, & motherhood.

Catch up with me and learn about the groovy happenings of my Phat Happy Life Facebook group! It’s in this group that I share a real behind the scenes look of a life filled with Photography, Design, and Motherhood.